What Is Dampness?

The most common source of dampness is due to the capillary attraction of sub-soil water in the foundation and walls of the building. What is dampness is also described in detail here 

Effects of Dampness in Buildings

Dampness in building may occur due to bad design, faulty construction and use of poor quality of materials. This dampness not only affects the life of the building but also creates unhygienic conditions of the important items of work in the construction of a building.

The treatment given to prevent leakage of water from roof is generally termed as water proofing whereas the treatment given to keep the walls, floors and basement dry is termed as damp proofing

Defects Caused by Dampness in Building

The various defects caused by dampness to building may be summarized as under:

  1. efflorescence which may ultimately result in disintegration of bricks, stones, tiles etc.
  2. softening and crumbling of plaster.
  3. bleaching and flaking of paint with the formation of coloured patches.
  4. warping, buckling and rotting of timber.
  5. corrosion of metals.
  6. cause deterioration to electrical fittings.
  7. promotes growth of termites.
  8. creates unhealthy living conditions for the occupants.

Causes of Dampness

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Ground Water Table - if the groundwater table is high, it will affect the building if the foundation is not done properly to address this. If done poorly the building material used will absorb the water from the ground because of capillary action

Rain -  If the external walls of the building are not protected and there are cracks that have not been addressed then rain water will affect the building

Poor Drainage - if the building is located in an area which cannot easily be drained off, dampness will affect the building

Poor Workmanship - It may occur if the quality of construction has suffered due to poor workmanship in construction

Flat Roof - a very flat roof with not enough slope to drain off rain water will lead to penetration of rain water into the roof because of water stagnation

How do you treat dampness?

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How can I prevent dampness?

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