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As a homebuyer or you definitely want to make sure you are 'getting what you were promised and are paying for what you get'

The top few things that any lay person generally will check are 

  1. ​cracks in walls
  2. dampness or leakage
  3. Hollow tiles
  4.  functioning doors and windows 
  5.  water flow and electricity

These are generally performed by someone who is a friend or family member.  Then once they find the problems the home owner goes around searching Google for - "treatment of dampness in walls", "Which cracks in walls are serious?", "How to fix a cracked wall?"

This is why professionals are here like us at Nemmadi.in where we enable better living. For the benefit of home buyers and home owners we conducted a seminar where we answer these very questions and how you can benefit by engaging home inspection professionals. 

In the video you will learn about 
- the Financial Costs of Buying a Home Without a Checklist
- Different Areas To Check
- Average Statistics on common issues in flats
- Top 15 Issues to keep in mind
- What to do if you've already purchased the flat?
- Some free tools you should use

Our services cost about Rupees 10,000.  The cost of inspection depends on the area of your apartment – We will share with you three more videos that show case why engaging Nemmadi as a home inspection professional will save you a lot of trouble. The savings will be not only in terms of money but also saved time and headaches you will avoid.

  1. TIME
  2. MONEY
  3. HEADACHES in the future


Our data shows that a 2000 square feet apartment has on an average 130 snags [ snags = problems ].  If we were to assume on the lower end that one snag could be repaired on average for Rupees 1000, then 130 snags would cost you Rupees 1,30,000. 

Snags = Rs. 1,30,000 

Today, an apartment would cost about Rupees 10,000 a square foot.  Having conducted over 4000 home inspections we see that ~60% of all homes are short of area promised.   An average of 10 square feet short in an apartment means Rupees 1,00,000.  

​Area = Rs. 1,00,000

That means if you do not get your home inspection done by Nemmadi you will potentially lose Rupees 2,30,000!!! 

Snags + Area = 2,30,000

Isn’t it worth spending Rupees 10,000 to avoid a potential loss of Rupees 2,30,000? 

There are many issues that may manifest in a home.  The most frequently occurring is hollowness or tiles which have not been affixed appropriately.  Occurrence of  damp spots or dampness on walls is also prevalent, these though manifest after moving in because water needs time to seep.  That’s the reason we advise our clients to ask the builder the charge the pipes before an inspection.

If you only knew what we know… is a very popular blog post that many have found interesting.  Here we have elucidated the various data points we have gleaned while conducting inspections.


After RERA has been introduced, Carpet Area was very clearly defined.  Earlier there were many definitions floating around about area – “super built-up area“, “built-up area“, “sale-able area“, “carpet area” – which of these could you measure and was it standardised?   Now RERA has standardised the definition of CARPET AREA.

Carpet Area definition according to RERA

Nemmadi measures your apartment Carpet Area according to this definition and give you a statement.

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